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Elias Faingersh, is a graduate of both Malmö Musikhögskola and Manhattan School of Music. His unique style of composition and performance (genre cross-over, dramatization of music, masterful employment of live electronics) distinguish him from any other artist. His critically acclaimed show “Trombone Magic” was performed major halls, including the Berlin Philharmonic, the Congress Hall of Riga, Moscow Conservatory Hall etc. The show was shown on SVT, as well as on Latvian, Russian, Israeli TV.

Named “Europe’s golden trombone” by the critics, Elias Faingersh had performed in front of the European royalty, in front of prime ministers and presidents of the US, England, France and many other countries. His music plays in more than 50 theaters all around Scandinavia, in movies and TV and radio shows.

Elias’ work of using music as a powerful theatrical element had resulted in a number of pioneering, groundbreaking works:

“The Ugly Duckling”, performed at the Royal Danish Opera for H.C. Andersson’s 200th anniversary in front of all of the European royalty (later shown on DK1 – Danish national television).

”Hamlet-Drama for Trombone and Orchestra” (co-written with V. Borisova-Olas) premiered with the Malmo Symphony Orchestra under Rene Laurens, was shown on Swedish National Television a number of times and became an international hit, performed with the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra under Bramwell Tovey, with the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra under Benjamin Shwartz, and at such venues as the Kroneborg Castle in Helsinor (The renowned Hamlet Castle) and at the Gogol-Fest in Kiev.

”Romeo Dreaming” with ”Kroumata” performed in Stockholm and Malmo and was shown on Swedish National Television.





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Elias Faingersh is a participant and award winner of countless musical and theatrical festivals around the world.

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